Original Heath Robinson artwork, shown by kind permission of The Estate of Mrs J C Robinson, and Pollinger Limited

"The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" harks back to a day where visual ingenuity and exceptional character animation (and not smart-talking or wise-cracking dialogue) drives the story. It seeks to re-establish a time, epitomized by the great and golden days of the Disney studio (i.e. when Walt was alive) where artists and animators evolved the magic that was animated storytelling. This was a time where timeless charm and well-constructed character action superbly captivated audiences for many generations.

William Heath Robinson's unique creation, Uncle Lubin, is a wise and determined individual with more than a little flair for ingenious (if not more than a little eccentric) invention. He is tenacious, caring, imaginative, determined... albeit even more than a little shy! That said, nothing can deter Lubin from his quest of rescuing the one thing he loves most dearly in the world, his beloved baby nephew, Little Peter. Despite the many terrifying challenges along the way, he somehow finds the wit, the guile and yes even the courage, to overcome them all!

This animated film version of "The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" is the long-cherished ambition of award-winning director, animator, author and educator Tony White. Through his timely non-profit organization, Animaticus Foundation, Tony seeks to bring back the fabulous tradition of classical, hand-drawn, animated filmmaking... founded on the vision, philosophy and innovation championed by the late, great Walt Disney.

In keeping with this innovative and imaginative tradition, the animated "The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" will be accompanied by a full-length feature film (live action and animation) on the life and works of William Heath Robison (already scripted) as well as a 'making of' documentary, numerous books, a range of unique merchandizing and a truly inspiring video game embracing Lubin's wonderful adventures.