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"The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" will be produced & directed by multi award-winning animator Tony White. Tony is a veteran of over 200 TV commercials, two TV Specials, numerous short films (including "Hokusai ~ An Animated Sketchbook" which won a British Academy Award). He also conceived, directed and animated the award-winning titles for "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" movie titles while working at the Richard Williams Studio in London. Tony has lectured extensively in Europe and USA, and is author of three definitive books on animation technique and production... "The Animator's Workbook", "Animation from Pencils to Pixels ~ Classical Techniques for Digital Animators" and "How To Make Animated Films". Tony also supervised senior team project classes for DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, USA where he is a Senior Professor and Program Advisor.

Other esteemed members of the film development team include...

Peter Moehrle (Art director/Background artist): If there is a more celebrated and experienced artist/designer in the animated film world then it would be hard to beat Peter Moehrle. Peter is a truly masterful animation background artist, with an unmatched style and resume to match. His film credits include "Ice Age: The Meltdown", "Lilo and Stitch", "Tarzan", "Mulan", "Little Bear", "Space Jam", "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" and "Rock_A-Doodle". Indeed, his larger and more extensive profile of project can be found on IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0595416) aptly demonstrating that there's not one area of the animated film industry he's not already excelled in. To discover more, visit Peter's "Happy Brush" blogsite at http://happybrush.blogspot.com.

Geraldine Kovats (Art director/Background artist): Geraldine is an exceptional acquisition for the Uncle Lubin project. She has worked in many aspects of multi-media and film but most recognized of all must be her work for Disney as a background artist on such feature films "Mulan", "Tarzan", "John Henry", "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear". Holding a BFA with distinction from San Francisco's Academy of Art, Geraldine is an exceptional painter in her own right and has committed herself more fully to this since she left the industry in 2002. For a further appreciation of Geraldine's personal work, visit her website at http://www.geraldinekovats.com.

Dan Daly (Animator): Dan Daly is currently teaching traditional animation and projects at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA. Prior to that he spent 12 highly successful years at Disney, after which he was a supervising animator for a smaller start-up studio. While at Disney, Dan worked on such movies as "Lilo and Stitch", "Mulan", "The Lion King", "Thumbelina", "Pocahontas" and "Fern Gully: The Last Rain Forest". Dan also has a strong background in figure drawing and in plein air and portrait painting.

Anthony Defato (Animator): Anthony de Fato has extensive animation experience in both games and films. Most recently he worked for Cecropia Inc, as an animator on the video game "The Act". Prior to that he at the Disney studio for many years, working on such films as "Lilo and Stitch", "Mulan", "Tarzan", "Emperor's New Groove", "Brother Bear", "Pocahontas", "Hunchback of Notre Dame", and "John Henry".

Pamela Mathues (Animator): Pamela Mathues has followed a similar career path to Anthony de Fato. She also worked at Cecropia Inc on "The Act". Her Disney film production experience included such films as "Lilo and Stitch", "Brother Bear", "Lion King", "Mulan", "Pocahontas", "John Henry" , and "Emperor's New Groove". Prior to all this, Pamela acquired a BFA in Illustration/Fine Art at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Dean Yeagle (Character Designer)Dean Yeagle is one of the most experienced animation character designers around. He started his professional career at “Zander’s Animation Parlour” in NY as animator, designer and eventually director before turning freelance. In 1986 he started “Caged Beagle Productions” in addition to producing animation for “Warner Bros” and creating character designs for TV & feature films in US and Great Britain. Dean was also a designer and/or storyboard artist for “Walt Disney Studios”, “Ralph Bakshi Productions”, “Pink PantherProductions”, “Bear Spots/Nelvana” (Canada), “Jim Henson Associates”, “Hanna-Barbera”, “Blue Sky Studios” (on ICE AGE) and “Animus Productions” in London.  Dean has also created corporate character designs for “Nestlé”, “Post, Dannon”, “General Foods” and many others. In recent years, Dean has also had published cartoons for “Playboy Magazine”, which led to his sensational cartoon creation, “Mandy”. As a result of this Dean was given a one-man show at the “Galerie Arludik” in Paris. He was also a winner of “Animation Cartoonist of the Year” from the National Cartoonists Society and was nominated for “Gag Cartoonist of the Year” for his Playboy cartoons.

Hummie Mann (Composer): Two-time Emmy-award winning composer/arranger Hummie Mann has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors in both theatrical and television films.  His motion pictures projects have ranged from Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights”to Peter Yates’ Year of the Comet”, the children’s filmThomas and the Magic Railroad”to Wooly Boys”directed by Leszek Burzynski starring Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine and Joe Mazzello.  For television, he has scored projects for Simon Wincer (the miniseries P.T. Barnum), Jonathan Kaplan (the miniseries re-make of In Cold Blood”), Norman Jewison (Picture Windows”), Peter Bogdanovich (The Rescuers: Tales of Courage – Two Women”), Joe Dante (Masters of Horror: Homecoming”), Jim Abrahams (First Do No Harm”), Richard Friedenberg (“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”), William Friedkin, John Milius and Ralph Bakshi (all part of the Rebel Highway”series), among others. Mann was honored with his second Emmy Award for an episode of Showtime’s Picture Windows entitled Language of the Heart, a love story about a street musician and an aspiring ballerina.  The composer’s score so impressed director Jonathan Kaplan that Kaplan hired him to write the music for CBS’s “In Cold Bloodstarring Anthony Edwards and Eric Roberts.

Tara Mueller (Student team member): Tara Mueller was in art classes all throughout high school where she started taking commissions for portraits, logo designs and mural paintings. Three years ago, as a senior in high school, she did a yearlong project on character concept art while job-shadowing Jonathan Cooper, a character concept artist working at Gas Powered Games. Jonathan was a former DigiPen student and one of the main reasons she ultimately chose to apply to DigiPen. She moved to France with her family in the summer of 2007 where she continued to draw, go to the Louvre; do cafe drawings and cityscapes. Tara moved back to Redmond upon being accepted at DigiPen and she has since been working hard trying to further develop here skills there. Aside from drawing Tara enjoys doing graphic designs, character concept art, maquettes, background painting, promotional paintings and all things creative.

Watch this space for further development team announcements in the near future.