Original Heath Robinson artwork, shown by kind permission of The Estate of Mrs J C Robinson, and Pollinger Limited.

"The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" trailer: This trailer was created a number of years ago (in pre-digital days) when the concept was still in its infancy. It features William Heath Robinson (aka actor David Thewlis) and his animated creation, Uncle Lubin, working together to define the various adventures. Click HERE to view it on YouTube.

William Heath Robinson trailer: This trailer celebrates the wider works of Lubin creator, William Heath Robinson. It was originally created in 2005 to attract west coast art galleries in the USA to consider hosting a Heath Robinson exhibition for the benefit of the Heath Robinson Trust in the UK. The trailer was sadly unsuccessful in its original purpose but it does strongly indicate just what a great artist Heath Robinson was. (Note: The contact links at the end of this film are no longer existent... see 'Contact' link above for correct contact information!) Click HERE to view it on YouTube.

Director's compilation: This compilation indicates the range and quality of Tony White's own direction/animation work in animation, through his Animus studio in London from 1978 to 1998. Preferring never to stick to one design style more than once, this compilation reflects the tremendous range and versatility of animation through primarily an advertising expression… a creative versatility that still remaining largely unexplored in terms of theatrical filmmaking. Click HERE to view it on YouTube.

Director's vision: This brief inteview clip was created to promote Tony White's intention for a recent book. However this desire to re-create the apprentice system in animation will be amplified several times through the creation of "The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" film within Tony White's proposed "ATELIER" academy of animated excellence. (I.e. where student-apprentices will study under master animators on genuinely ground-breaking films.) Click HERE to view the original interview.